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Roll-type wheel washer

Roll-type wheel washer is designed to roll the wheels forcibly and has an excellent washing capability. Being compact-sized, it is suitable for use at a site having a narrow entry/exit, or a site located close to the residential area or in the down town area where public grievances are most likely to occur.


Step 1 Entry

A car enters slowly into the wheel washer with a speed 5 km/h.

Step 2 Washing front wheels

After entering, locate the front wheels (the 1st & 2nd axles) between the rollers of the washer and change the gear to neutral position. It will then automatically start to wash.

Step 3 Washing rear wheels

In the same way as the front wheels, wash them in the sequence of the 3rd & 4th axles.

Step 4 Exit

After washing. slowly exit from the washer and advance to the road.

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